giovedì 23 maggio 2013


If you ever want to go to see whales, orcas, dolphins, sea otter and other wild sea animals, Seward is where you wanna go!
I went there last weekend and I had a blast... 6 hours of a sea life cruise and I saw animals I thought I could never see in my life because too wild and too big, but, I ALASKA YOU CAN! :D
The first day we went there we didn't see too many sea animals and we also had to go back because the engine of the boat burnt eheh...
The days after we booked the cruise again and THIS time was the right one!!! Whales, orcas, sea otthers, stellar sea lions, dolphins, seals..... it was ah-mazing!!!! You should definitely try it once in your life! :)
Plus, while we were driving from anchorage to seward, the view was gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!!
Trees everywhereanimals everywhere, sunshine... the PERFECT LIFE <3

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