venerdì 22 marzo 2013

Always wanted to play Hermione!

I remember the first time I watched "Harry Potter". I was on vacation in one of my grandfather's houses, probably in Trieste, and my mom that day wanted to bring my brother and me to the movies because she heard that that new movie was already considered a great one. We went and since then it was a ritual for our family to watch it. We were always so exited to see what was coming next!
Of course I was just a little girl, I think I was 6 or 7, but I always admired Hermione for her intelligence! And well, after 10 years...... I can play her character!!! :D
Marta and I have to shoot a scene from the book that we chose to read and the first book of Harry Potter, the Sorcerer's Stone. I chose for my scene the one with Nicolas Flamel, where they read the big and old book that Hermione found in the library.
I am so exited! It will be such a good memory.
Bye, love you all!

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  1. Im agog to see your Harry Potter's representation!!Im sure, it will be fascinating!!!Many kisses,love!


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